Yerba Mate to the World

Some traditions are known for having tons of benefits, but they are hard to adopt in the place you live. Whether there are no possibilities to get the items you need or they are overpriced, or there’s not enough information about it, or you have some doubts, or else.

Yerba Mate? What’s that?

Yerba Mate is a traditional South American tea-like drink made from the leaves of the yerba mate tree. The main benefits: it’s a great stimulant for focus and lasting energizer, detoxes your body, protects your heart, reduces inflammation, helps with weight loss, and more. South American natives discovered this powerful plant, which is now part of the routine of almost every Argentinian and Uruguayan, as well as of many other fans around the world.


We thought and asked ourselves…


…What if we simplify the Yerba Mate Drinking Tradition, to take it to the world? How can we bring the benefits of Yerba Mate closer to people abroad? We didn’t want them to keep defaulting to sugary caffeinated drinks or with Yerba Mate extract. How can we energize communities with Yerba Mate in a simpler yet sustainable way?


Knock knock! The idea arrived: we created MateCaps. We simplified drinking Yerba Mate with an all-in-one drinking concept.


We developed a 100% recyclable stylish all-in-one bottle and an innovative MateCaps system of compostable capsules without any container per serving like coffee pods.

Our guiding principle: it had to be sustainable, user-centered, authentic, healthy, stylish and 100% recyclable.

Re-using comes before recycling. We developed a completely recyclable 380ml bottle that you can use practically forever. It’s BPA free, has a double-wall to keep the temperature and it won’t get scratched. These bottles will have more than 100,000 times the lifespan of a can or a cup.

MateCaps was born to give people a natural boost in a greener, healthier way than coffee and all existing energy drinks, without the jitters.

We know we still have work to do to improve this. Feedback? Feel free to reach out to me or sign up to co-create with us →

What tradition from your country could you simplify to share with the world?