Counterattack the Discarding Crisis, one container at a time

In this plastic-filled world, staying away from polyethylene and single-use containers might seem like a real challenge. But a small adjustment in some of your habits can be a real game-changer.

Single-use plastic containers seem to have been taking over our lives for the past 70 years.

Just picture this: one garbage truck full of plastics is discarded into our oceans every minute!

Did you know that…?

  • Only 9% of the plastic gets to be recycled

  • 12% of the plastic is incinerated

  • 79% of the plastic ends up in landfills or the ocean

And guess what… beverage containers represent 14% of all that litter found in freshwater environments. 

Containers and packaging produce 80 million tonnes of waste every year in the US alone. Single-use beverage containers contribute to all those environmentally-harmful stuff that you want to avoid: greenhouse gas emissions, toxicity, litter, and indiscriminate energy consumption.

Get an eco-conscious makeover!

You can always count on MateCaps for leading a more sustainable lifestyle. What if you finally waved goodbye to drinks that come in single-use packaging? What about replacing disposable pod capsules for a greener option? Replacing everyday objects for eco-friendlier options can make a big difference.

  • Drink the Mate, keep the bottle

Looking for a drink container that doesn’t harm the environment? Got you! 

MateCaps BPA-Free reusable bottle is 100% made of recyclable materials. It’s designed to bring you comfort and practicality; it has 12oz capacity, it’s double-walled, leak-proof and it’s great for brewing hot or cold drinks. You’ll love this neat-looking tumbler. Caring about the planet has never looked so cool.

  • Caps in a box, not in a pod 

Package-free capsules that are compostable and come in a box made of recycled materials... it doesn’t get any greener than that. 

Looking after your health and the planet’s has never been so easy. MateCaps offers a variety of native Yerba Mate capsules that are energizing, tasty, healthy, and 100% compostable. Pick your favorite yerba mate blend, brew it, enjoy a delicious drink and contribute back to earth; nothing gets discarded.

MateCaps team.