Nourishment is about much more than just food

At MateCaps we’re all about our community. Agus Santana, the founder of The Gut Lab is bringing a new approach to Nourishment for all the Mate community around the world.

Agustina was born in Uruguay, land of the Mate, and moved to Canada at a young age. Mate is one of those things that do more than just add substance to her body, it takes her back to her youngest years. She's a certified Health and Wellness Coach and wants to share with our community a different take on what nourishment and self-awareness are really about.

A new paradigm

We have been taught that nourishment is the food we put into our bodies. While that is true, there are also other kinds of nourishment that are essential to our personal growth, emotional, mental, physical and social well-being. When we are not considering this kind of nourishment, we may feel a void or a sense of dissatisfaction in our lives, which can likely be because we are not taking care of our whole selves.

Of course, nutrients, whole foods, vitamins, and calories are all vital for us, but let's broaden the scope of nourishment to cater to our health and wellness as a whole. When we cater to all areas of our lives, we feel at peace with ourselves and can experience a higher level of satisfaction, health and overall well-being.

Nourishment can be something that you can do for yourself that fills your energy, feels good to you, contributes to your well-being and personal growth. It is highly individualized and also dependent on your particular needs at any given time. For example, let’s say I am feeling highly energized, I may nourish myself by going for a jog, bike ride, walk or any activity that aligns with these energy levels and also contributes to my wellness. In contrast, if I am feeling tired from a long day at work, then perhaps reading a book, eating a delicious meal or taking a hot shower could help me in recuperating my energy levels and clearing my mind.

How can I begin to Nourish myself?

  1. Expand your outlook on wellness:

    Begin to look at nourishment in a holistic way and consider that there could be plenty of different ways to contribute to your growth and well-being.

  2. Create your personal nourishment menu:

    Come up with a list of activities or things you can do for yourself that you truly enjoy, that fill you with energy and make you feel whole. Think about these giving you a sense of pleasure, comfort but at the same time are not self-destructive or take you further from your personal goals. If you have difficulty thinking about activities that make you feel this way, then this could be an opportunity to start trying new things and noting how they make you feel. Keep the ones you enjoy and that align with your new idea of nourishment and move on from the rest.

    1. Here are some examples of what nourishment could look like: moving your body (dancing, biking, walking etc), having deep conversations, going for a nature walk, eating a delicious meal, watching a good movie, having a good laugh with a friend, drinking a tea, drinking mate, taking a day off work for vacation, meditating, deep breathing etc.

  3. Cultivate Self Awareness:

    Once you have your own personal nourishment list, it’s time to use it. You can cultivate self awareness by tapping into your energy levels, body sensations, mood, emotions, thoughts and how your body and mind are feeling overall.

  4. Trust yourself and give yourself exactly what you need: Use your nourishment menu to satisfy your individual needs. What is something you can do right now that will positively impact your mood and energy?

While we understand that the food we put in our bodies is an important contributor to our health, we also know that the state of our emotional, social, mental and physical well-being can determine the quality of wellness and health we experience. Nourishing our bodies in a wholesome way can create an abundance of health and help us feel at peace and satisfied with ourselves.

Remember that this is a self-discovery journey where you get to identify your needs and learn to acknowledge and trust yourself while doing so. Be patient with the process and practice more self-love along the way.

Mate cheers to that 🧉✨

Article by: Agustina, Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Founder of The Gut Lab coaching.