Caring for the environment has never been so easy

Our Mission

Energize communities in a healthy and sustainable way, encouraging them to accomplish all of their goals.

Our Commitment

Sustainable Design

Our bottle is made from durable, FDA approved and environmentally friendly materials. Sustainably designed to be your long-time MATE.

Matecaps' bottle

Polypropylene: Produces less CO² equivalents by weight than any other plastic and it's fully Recyclable.

Polypropylene: A non-staining and non-toxic plastic. It does not contain BPA, making it an ideal option for food packaging

Silicone: Allows the bottle to be Leak-Proof. It's Recyclable and not susceptible to microbial agents.

Stainless Steel: Durability and Recyclability are at high levels. It remains harmless to the environment.

Go green with the MateCaps experience

The MateCaps loop

1. Grow

2. Dry

3. Age

4. Blend

5. Press

6. Delivery

7. Enjoy

8. Compost

Matecaps' bottle Matecaps' bottle

Why do we exist?

We want you to stay focused and energized in a healthy and sustainable way.

What's our plan?

A 100% recyclable bottle for infusions, which thanks to the innovative MateCaps system allows you to get a natural boost powered by compostable yerba mate capsules.

How will we make it?

Through an innovative, portable, and modern experience of consuming yerba mate, together with a responsible attitude towards the environment and towards the origin of our ethically sourced materials.