Native Yerba Mate Blends

Fresh and tasty blends of native yerba mate; each with unique benefits and purposes.

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The Energetic Antioxidant

Guarana and açai - as exotic as energizing. This blend is rich in natural caffeine, essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9), nutrients, and antioxidants. Not only does it pump you up, but it's also a great source of fibers, vitamins A and C. The pleasant synergy of flavors boosts your health and wellness, hot or cold.

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The morning Power-Up

Ginger, pepper, and cinnamon - interesting mix, isn’t it? We thought our blend specialist was crazy. We tried it - we loved it. Touches of mint and lemon extract make this blend robust, with a well-rounded flavor curve. Aurora is a great source of energy and freshness to start your day off.

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The Relaxing Wind-Down

Breathe in, and out. You’re reading about the perfect natural relaxant. Crafted with jasmine, melissa, and chamomile, this blend and its fresh notes are ideal to cool down. Floral touches provide the softness and sweetness you need to end the day with the serenity and peace you deserve.

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The Gaucho's Go-To

For those who love earthy-toned mate, the classic gaucho's way, get a head start on all the boost you will need for the month! This CapsBox comes packed with 24 Caps of our Brazilian native yerba mate.

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Yerba Mate Benefits