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The Tropical Boost

Yerba Mate mixed with açai, guaraná and berries. A magnificent synergy of flavors rich in fibers, fatty acids and vitamins. Ideal to boost up your energy and mood at anytime.

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The Gaucho Way

100% ORGANIC Yerba Mate. Pure native Yerba grown in Brazilian soil. Ideal for those who love earthy-toned, bitter flavors. The authentic character of the Mate tradition.

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The Mellow Unwind

Yerba Mate mixed with chamomile, peperina and Marcela herbs. Its fresh and floral notes make it the ideal blend for cooling down. Acquire the peace you deserve in one sip.

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The Morning Power-Up

Yerba Mate mixed with lemon, ginger, cinnamon, mint and pepper. Refreshing energy to start off your days with a wholesome, delicious Mate.

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